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I am a creature of habit until I am not. My morning routine is mostly the same. I get up, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, get a coffee and then sit on my phone; browsing social media or reading a book on the kindle app. I do this for about half an hour…
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Goodbye 2018

Looking at my Facebook memories and handwritten journals, it is about this time every.single.year that I make some proclamation of my New Year’s Resolution. I boldy proclaim how this will be the year that I lose “the weight”, run the sub whatever race, get more organized, blah, blah, blah. The fact is that I have…
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  How many signs do I need? At what point will the message sink in? How many times will I start? When will I keep going? -Is it the tight pants? Shirts that stretch uncomfortably across my stomach? The lines on my legs from my socks after a long day? -Is it the winded breath…
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Not enough time my foot!

Back in December/January, I had virtually penciled in a couple of races that I wanted to do. They are semi elusive ones that I could check off of my 169 list. As I updated the LAX and softball schedules last night, I realized that there is almost no way that I can get to these…
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What is in your bag? A handy list to save you in a sports mom crunch!

While I love to literally run…I also do a lot of running around!  My kids are heavily involved in local sports. You name it – they have tried it! Since the age of three, the girls have been involved in horseback riding, dance, soccer, swim, softball, track, cross country, lacrosse, gymnastics, ski club and some…
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Group Runs- Don’t fear the invite!

If there’s anything that strikes more fear in me than the word marathon it’s the words,  “Group Run”. Every week Facebook notifies me that a group of women that I really look up to are meeting in a really cool location for a group run. These are women that crush goals daily. They eat miles…
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Weeks 2 and 3 Winter Warrior Summary

Weeks 2 and 3 of the Winter Warrior have left me tired, sore, discouraged and questioning my sanity. Yup. All that. Winter Warrior has some awesome characteristics and some that are not so cool.  Overall, I love the premise. For example, it forces me to get outside in the crappiest part of the year. While…
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What to get your new runner for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just under a month away! Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a total farce but know your loved one is all in on Valentine’s Day or you simply want to change up your gift from the normal chocolates and flowers, here are some ideas to get you started shopping for that favorite…
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7 Things New Runners Should Know to Run Safely

  Running is a rewarding sport but getting started can be daunting. If you are just starting out there are a few things that you should know about running safely on the roads: Dress to be visible!  Wear bright, reflective colors. Avoid the every stylish black. While it may look awesome, it decreases your visibility.…
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7 Day Summary

Yesterday marked the seventh day of the 2018 Winter Warrior Challenge.  I have continued to meet my goal of 5 miles per day. Let me tell you, it ain’t easy. I spend a large portion of my wogs trying to convince myself that Gold status is worth it. The wind and single digit weather is…
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